Wyde Professional Services provides solutions with consulting expertise to help capture, analyse, measure and report key performance metrics across all Insurance Systems. Based on this, we recommend changes that will help enhance performance, increase productivity, streamline operations, and increase return on investment.

Wyde is your premier software and solutions partner, delivering comprehensive and cost-effective IT services solutions. We have unrivalled technological resources and deep Insurance industry expertise to meet all your IT, business consulting and systems integration needs.

Implementation Services

Wyde offers comprehensive implementation from design to deployment, enabling clients to work with one service provider instead of coordinating efforts from many vendors. We pair product consulting and configuration professionals with deep knowledge of other Insurance systems, systems integration and testing to deliver a broad range of services ensuring smooth implementations and upgrades. Our implementation services follow best practices of all our deployments world-wide and industry standard PMBOK Project & Governance practices to ensure that you get quality results with operational optimizations as a part of our culture. Our global teams offer right expertise, at a right location, at a right time and at a right price.


Infrastructure and Operations Services

Software applications and IT systems are critical to gaining a competitive edge. When they run well, they help you increase efficiencies, reduce the cost and improve customer engagement. Our Infrastructure & Operations Services teams work with all segment of the industry representing millions of lives in group and supplemental lines of business.

Our combined Infrastructure & Operations Services are available both “on premise” and “as a Service”. Services include end-to-end management of all infrastructure components such as application servers, database servers, web servers, network, security, storage, Wynsure platform -with applicable licenses and tools and third party software (s) as applicable in your solution. Wyde Infrastructure & Application engineers, DBAs, Security SMEs provide a seamless 24×7 application service with competitive SLAs, required to run your insurance business optimally.

  • Infrastructure (also offered as a Service)
  • System Selection Services
  • Network, Security and Storage solutions
  • Load Balanced, DR/BCP services
  • Security and Compliance Services
  • Operations (also offered as a Service)
  • ITIL compliant Application Management Services (L1, L2 and L3 Application Support)
  • Development Operations for WaaS
  • Patch and Release Management Services


Advanced Services

Flexible, efficient, and innovative IT systems are critical to supporting carrier’s drive toward increased operational efficiency and reduced administrative cost as they launch new lines of business, embrace new business models, or introduce next-generation consumer-centric products and services. You can rely on our deep knowledge of Wynsure platforms supporting client business performance goals to help you achieve your objectives with the following offers:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Services
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Wynsure Data Migration Services
  • QA Center of Excellence Services