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Integrating Insurance with the Everyday Digital Experience



Our world is changing quickly. Customer expectations are becoming more focused towards flexibility and self service through accessible tools and data that enables the best decisions for their future. These digital age expectations require a close examination of current business models, processes and underlying technology.


The Wynsure Product Suite supports business functions and industry best practices across the insurance life cycle and fully integrates the end to end ecosystem. Wynsure's modern Front Office combined with our proven core Back Office accelerates seamless distribution across all digital and assisted channels.



  • Speed to Market Solution with MVP
  • Enhanced persona based Digital experience
  • Rapid Product Configurations
  • End-to-End lifecycle of Quote-to-Claims
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) combines AI and OCR to extract data from unstructured documents
  • Sophisticated Intelligent Underwriting
  • Gen AI technology enabled Underwriter Assist
  • Supports multiple line of business - Group, Voluntary Benefits, and Individual Life


Product Factory

  • Configure, replicate, deploy
  • Designed for the business wizard in your team
  • Template based configuration
  • Unique methodology, multiple design capabilities

Front Office

  • Broker Distribution Management
  • Sales Management
  • Ubiquitous client servicing
  • 360 customer view
  • Strategic & customer insights

Document Management

  • Communication made simpler
  • Smart working with suite of end-user content development tools & services
  • Enhanced search, retrieval and secured information across the enterprise



  • Consolidated Billing across Group and Voluntary
  • Flexible solutions for complex problems
  • Variety of options
  • One user experience, one touch handling

Policy Services

  • Intelligent Exception Management leveraging integration with AI engines.
  • Policy life cycle management
  • Powerful rule-based automation,
    improved resource optimization
  • Reduced errors, consistent service


  • Automated adjudication that allows agility with empathy
  • Workflow capabilities designed to scale with your team's experience


Customer Services

  • 360 degree customer-centric view to things that matter most
  • From timeline views to built in chat—a whole new digital experience for your customer service team
  • Taking “digital” to the next level

New Business

  • From quote to policy delivery
  • Single process, multiple products
  • Fully optimized, configurable straight through processing


  • Integrated Group Underwriting Desktop
  • Risk centric underwriters desktop—focus the underwriters attention where required most
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Allows expending


Data Analytics

  • Simple, business friendly integrated Operational Data Store
  • Powerful integrated data tools to manage data sampling, purge and archiving
  • Data support for privacy regulations such as GDPR
  • Knowledge is power
  • Small to big data—powerful business intelligence
  • Customizable dash-boards—organize, understand & reorganize


  • Gateways into the business
  • Powerful integrated data tools to manage data sampling, purge and archiving
  • Specialized for groups & individuals